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Taking Bio-Life Sciences research and innovation to the next step

Innovating new products for a healthy life

Our technologies change the health care industry



  • Specialized Bio-Life Sciences consultations​

  • Consultation activitiy in the field of biotechnology and environmental protection, organic farming and functional food


Good Laboratory Practice

  • Introduction of diagnostoc techniques in microbiology, treatment of infections and diagnosis of zoonotic infections

  • Microbiologic testing facilitating the composition of new food additives and animal feed

  • Setting the rules of conduct of bacterial strains of industrial importance



  • Agents limiting Helicobacter pylori colonization

  • Probiotics and other bioactive nutritional agents stabilizing gut function

  • Newel medical devices – catheters, dermaceutics, feed/food additives

Fields of expertise:
  • Preventative health care products 

  • Bio-life Sciences

  • Microbiology

  • Environmental Protection

  • Organic Farming

  • Functional Food

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