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About Us

We are a research based company and develop activities serving the commercialization of our inventions in health, pharmaceutical, life science and nanotechnology fields.


We are currently in the process of commercializing our new invention helping in the eradication of ureolytic pathogens causing ex. ulcers and other gastrointestinal infections (patented in Europe, Israel, Japan).

We conduct research on the optimization of new methods for obtaining bioactive compounds of lactic acid bacteria and new nanoproducts useful in prophylaxis, diagnostic and medical/veterinary treatment as well as human/animals wellbeing.


The primary focus in our innovations is the reduced use of antibiotics, founding of complementary treatment methods and eliminating or reducing the spread of antimicrobial drug resistance caused by classical antibiotic therapies.


We are also active in consulting in the field of new drugs, dietary supplements including medical food, food and feed additives.

We also own approved solutions for the bioenergy sector (methods of increasing the effectiveness of biomass processing).


Danuta Kruszewska

Owner, Chief Executive Officer


For years Danuta Kruszewska has been a consultant in Sweden, Poland and other European countries and successfully leads, manages and participates in numerous research and development projects.


Established cooperation with SGPlus, Sweden - member of the Scientific Council up to 2014


Consultancy FOFIND EU project: „Development and human validation of new healthier food products using low-cost functional ingredients” 2013-2014


Eureka projects: Healthy Weaning; Lab Diets; EU 5FP - PANAD, Peptides as novel anti-infective drugs.


Danuta Kruszewska is an active Professor at Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski (KUL, Lublin, Poland) and for years has lectured and conducted research at Lund University, Sweden. She lectures, examines and supervises advanced courses (microbiology), master and PhD disertations.

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